Graduate Medical Education
The New York and Presbyterian Hospital Graduate Medical Education

Statement of Institutional Commitment

The New York and Presbyterian Hospital (the "Hospital") is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence in the ethical and professional education of physicians enrolled in its Graduate Medical Education (GME) Programs. The Board of Trustees, the Medical Staff, and Hospital Administration are committed to ensuring that appropriate educational, financial, and personnel resources are available to carry out the Hospital's GME mission.

The Board of Trustees has the overall responsibility for the quality of education for GME programs. This responsibility is carried out by the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC), a Standing Committee of the Medical Board, as well as two site-specific Graduate Medical Education Subcommittees. The GMEC implements the institution's commitment to Graduate Medical Education by providing appropriate leadership, organizational structure, and resources to enable the institution to achieve substantial compliance with the Institutional Requirements and to enable its ACGME-accredited programs to achieve substantial compliance with Program Requirements. This includes providing an ethical, professional, and educational environment in which the curricular requirements, requirements for scholarly activity, and the general competencies can be met.

The charge of the GMEC includes, but is not limited to: acting in an advisory capacity to Hospital Administration and the Medical Board on all aspects of graduate medical education and the regular assessment of the quality of all GME programs through the internal review process. This assessment includes a review of resident performance and the use of outcome assessment results for program improvement. The GMEC is also responsible for establishing and implementing institutional and graduate medical education policies and ensuring appropriate compensation and benefits for residents. The Vice President, Medical Affairs and Associate Chief Medical Officer is the ACGME Designated Institutional Official (DIO) who, along with the GME Office, has the authority and responsibility for the oversight and administration of the Hospital's ACGME-accredited programs as well as the responsibility for assuring compliance with ACGME Institutional Requirements.

The Designated Institutional Official, a member of the Medical Board, provides regular reports to the Medical Board on educational activities, institutional policies, GME policies, and quality of education issues. The President of the Medical Board (a voting member of the Board of Trustees) advises the Board of Trustees on the quality of GME programs, and professional activities relating to, but not limited to, the Medical Staff and Graduate Staff.

Reviewed and Approved by The Medical Board: May 2010
Reviewed and Approved by GMEC: May 2010
Reviewed and Approved by The Board of Trustees: June 2010