Graduate Medical Education
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This pamphlet is designed to provide residents and clinical fellows appointed by New York-Presbyterian Hospital ("NYPH") with an overview of the professional liability insurance program offered to you by NYPH. This pamphlet is not an insurance policy and does not contain all the terms and conditions of the actual policy. For more information about the policy and the details of the insurance program, please contact the Program Insurance Administrator at NYPH (Columbia Presbyterian Campus at 305-1919; New York Weill Cornell Campus at 746-1795) or the Department of Graduate Medical Education ("GME") (305-6081 for Columbia Presbyterian or 746-4055 for New York Weill Cornell).

What Company Provides my Malpractice Coverage?
Your malpractice coverage is provided through MCIC Vermont, Inc. (MCIC), an insurance company jointly owned by Columbia University, Cornell University, and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, as well as University of Rochester, Johns Hopkins University and Yale University. The insurance program has been in existence for over 25 years.

What are my Obligations under this Program?
While you are a Resident/Clinical fellow, (hereinafter "Resident") you have an obligation to participate in risk management education as defined by NYPH and by your Department and to promptly report important events as described below.

After you leave the residency program, please be certain to provide a forwarding address to the GME Office in the event you need to be contacted.

At all times, you have an obligation to cooperate with the Offices of GME and Risk Management.

When Does my Coverage Start and Stop?
Your coverage starts on the first day you are appointed as a resident at NYPH and ends when you graduate from the residency program or when your NYPH appointment is terminated for whatever reason. During some external rotations, your MCIC coverage may be suspended if the outside institution provides coverage. Questions about your coverage during an external rotation should be directed to your Chairman, your Program Director or the GME Office.

(Please also see the related question below "What Kind of Malpractice Coverage is Provided?" regarding tail coverage.)

What Are The Limits Of Coverage?
The primary coverage limit is greater than $1,000,000 per claim, with an unlimited annual aggregate. There are also excess insurance limits provided by MCIC to cover claims above the primary coverage limit.

What Professional Activities Are Covered?
Only professional activities that are an approved part of your residency program and within the scope of your delineated privileges are covered. You are not covered for moonlighting activities or for any professional activities that are outside the scope of your residency program. If you have any questions about what is or is not covered, you should check with your Chairman, your Program Director, or the GME Office.

What Kind of Malpractice Coverage is Provided?
The policy that is provided to you is called a modified claims-made policy. In addition to being covered for claims reported during the policy period, you are covered for claims arising during your residency but reported after your policy has ended. (See below.)

What Happens When I Complete the Residency Program or Leave New York- Presbyterian?
As long as the claim arises from professional services rendered by you while you were a resident (and were engaged in an approved activity as defined above) MCIC provides malpractice coverage. Of course, no coverage will be provided for any claims arising from activities outside of the residency program or arising from activities after you graduate or no longer have an appointment at NYPH.

What Events Should I Report?
You should report the following events promptly:

(a)Any unanticipated adverse clinical outcome resulting in patient harm; or any medical incident that you feel could result in a legal claim

(b) Any contact or request for information or medical records by a patient's attorney;

(c) A threat of legal action or demand for compensation; or

(d) The service of formal legal papers.

Think in broad terms, especially with regard to point (a). If you have any concern whatsoever, please report it to the Office of Risk Management (see below) or to Patient Services Administration (PSA) at the New York Weill Cornell Center. Many of the events they are contacted about never result in any claim. That is appropriate since a goal of the Office of Risk Management and PSA is to assist you with providing quality care under difficult circumstances.

As part of your employment with NYPH, you are required to cooperate with the Office of Risk Management and with MCIC. This is true even after you leave NYPH, since many claims and concerns may arise after you have left. Your failure to cooperate may jeopardize your malpractice coverage.

To Whom Do I Make A Report?
All reports should be directed to one of the following individuals in the Department of Risk Management or Patient Services Administration at New
York Presbyterian:

Columbia Presbyterian Campus 305-1919
Joan Hauswald, Esq.
Susan West

New York Weill Cornell Campus 746-4293
Patient Services Administration
If you have been served with legal papers, you may also contact one of the following individuals at 746-1795:
Elisabeth Scanlon
Michael Coulston, Esq.